Junta de Extremadura

Project Title: Development and structural and mechanical optimization of robocast bioactive hybrid materials for bone regeneration applications 

Acronym: IB10006

Funding Entity: Junta de Extremadura

Participating Entities:  University of Extremadura,

Duration: 31/12/2010 – 31/12/2012

Budget: 43 700 €

UEX Principal Investigator (PI): Pedro Miranda

Number of researchers: 5


This project main objective was to improve the performance of scaffolds for bone tissue engineering manufactured by robocasting. On the one hand, strategies were devised and developed to improve the mechanical performance of calcium phosphate scaffolds through the hydrothermal deposition of nanometric hydroxyapatite and, above all, through infiltration with biodegradable polymers. The patented polymer infiltration method developed allows to substantially improve the mechanical performance of bioceramic scaffolding, both in terms of strength and toughness. Moeover, the addition of biopolymers to these structures could facilitate the incorporation of growth factors or other biomolecules, in order to improve the osteoregenerative capacity and clinical performance in general of this type of scaffolding. On the other hand, both amorphous and already crystallized structures of 45S5 bioglass were developed, in an international first, with good mechanical resistance. It is expected that the excellent bioactivity and good mechanical performance of this new type of three-dimensional structures of 45S5 bioglass will have a great impact on the field of bone regeneration.