Junta de Extremadura

Project Title: Development of hybrid materials based on multi-segmented ceramic plates manufactured by robocasting for personal protection and injury prevention

Acronym: IB16094

Funding Entity: Junta de Extremadura

Participating Entities:  University of Extremadura

Duration: 03/06/2017 – 02/06/2020

Budget: 145 290,20 €

Principal Investigator (PI): Pedro Miranda

Number of researchers: 4


This project lays the foundations to alleviate the main limitations of current protection elements, whether for personnel, vehicles or other structures, through the design, manufacture and mechanical characterization of multi-segmented ceramic structures impregnated with polymers. Specifically, advanced ceramics have been used to manufacture protection elements with multi-segmented structure, consisting of multiple ceramic blocks assembled in 2D and 3D. For the manufacture of these parts with complex geometries, additive manufacturing techniques such as robocasting were used, which will allow the development of personalized protection elements in the future. These hybrid ceramic / polymer multi-segmented reinforcements have a greater toughness and resistance to multiple impacts as well as, depending on the polymer used, a certain degree of flexibility, which will facilitate the mobility of the user of these personal protection elements.

The manufacturing technologies developed in this project are of a high versatility which, together with the better structural behavior under mechanical stresses of impact of these new hybrid materials with respect to existing alternatives, will allow the development of new products for advanced engineering applications, in general, and for personal protective applications, in particular. These innovative protection elements will improve safety, preserve the health and quality of life of its users by preventing injuries resulting from occupational accidents (handling of cutting tools, bodies and security forces, etc.), automotive, etc. In addition, these innovative materials will revolutionize industries of high socio-economic interest such as defense, automotive or aerospace by improving the durability of products, vehicles and structures. Moreover, they will allow the development of new applications and the opening of new market niches.