Project Title: Optimization of the mechanical performance of ceramic/polymer scaffolds fabricated by robocasting for bone tissue engineering applications

Acronym: MAT2006-08720

Funding Entity: Ministerio de Educación y Ciencia

Participating Entities:  University of Extremadura,

Duration: 01/10/2006 – 30/09/2009

Budget: 145 200 €

UEX Principal Investigator (PI): Antonia Pajares

Number of researchers: 5


This project focused on the fabrication and optimization of the mechanical performance of novel adaptive dense inorganic/organic composite biomaterials with application for bone implants. The materials were fabricated by infiltrating ceramic porous scaffolds fabricated by robocasting with different resorbable polymers. These dense materials have a mechanical response not attainable with porous ceramic scaffolds and during their biodegradation the porosity necessary to promote bone ingrowth can be generated in situ, maintaining the mechanical stability of the implant-tissue interface in the process. The ultimate objective of this project was to obtain new materials with controlled mesoscale three-dimensional structure and the right properties to maintain their mechanical integrity during the bioresoption process. The study performed allow one to design and optimize new bone implants with improved osteointegration and increased useful lifetime.